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A Single Web-Platform for Invitation or Advertisement of Online Courses and Webinars in These Covid Virus Time

Anupam Saha 1*
1 M.Pharm Graduate, Pharmacology, NSHM College Of Pharmaceutical Technology, NSHM Knowledge Campus, B.L. Rd., Kolkata – 700053, WB.
* Correspondence: sahaanupam05@gmail.com
Available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.21931/RB/2022.07.01.24
Innovation is a critical phase in the pharmaceutical enterprise and the healthcare community. And advances in the healthcare era have caused significant upgrades within the greatness of healthcare, in populace fitness, and have contributed to growth in actual fitness expenditure in parallel. Its pursuit is a commercial enterprise, vital for maximum industrialized nations over the latest decades. Advances in the healthcare era have caused significant upgrades withinside the excellent healthcare and feature contributed to will increase in actual fitness expenditure in maximum industrialized nations over the latest decades.
In December 2019, adults in Wuhan, the capital town of Hubei province and a primary transportation hub of China, commenced providing nearby hospitals with severe pneumonia of unknown cause. Many preliminary instances had frequent publicity to the Huanan wholesale seafood market that traded stay animals. The surveillance machine (put into the area after the SARS outbreak) was activated, and the sufferers’ respiratory samples were dispatched to reference labs for etiologic investigations. On December 31, 2019, China notified the outbreak to the World Health Organization1,2
The Corona Virus(Covid-19) was declared a plague through the World Health Organization (WHO), has exhibited human-to-human transmissibility, and has unfolded hastily throughout nations3. The WHO spoke back shortly using coordinating diagnostics improvement and issuing help on affected person monitoring, specimen collection, and cure and presenting time to time up to date data on the outbreak2. Although the governments worldwide have taken various measures to manipulate town-to-town and character-to-person transmission and destiny, research ought to broaden elaborate fashions with an excessive spatial-temporal decision to consider technological solutions. It is the technological know-how that college students manipulate to get an acceptable education in the course of this Covid-19 state of affairs. Now no commercial enterprise assembly happens face to face4. Everything is online, the internet the sensation allowed these possibilities. One such inspiration or thought which can be very helpful for college students that can serene the training for college students that is a single internet portal for the commercial of webinars and online courses.
Webinars are seminars that are carried out on the World Wide Web, and they can be meetings, conferences, demonstrations, education or teaching, or activities designed to supply records both one-way or interactively. Webinars can encompass video, audio, and textual communication5. Any pupil searching to attend a specific subject matter may also locate a webinar session on that platform. A systematic platform appreciably scans all webinar matters on locating the described search6.
Various online courses and webinars occur; not every advertisement pamphlet or commercial pamphlet arrives at every student. Hence, if a single portal could be made where all the universities, all the research academies can invite college students, professionals, and researchers to attend and learn, at this time can be very enigmatic for the pupil to update and upgrade their technical skills, improve their technical abilities, research and relearn, and recognize their topics well. It’s vital to acquire expertise from exclusive sources, collect resources, and gather knowledge. So if such a net portal can be generated, all the college students can get entry to and be aware of unique publications below one roof to update their skills[NSV1] . Nowadays, various organizations hold free online conferences/webinars, where many eminent scientists and researchers teach and spread awareness about COVID19 and SARS-CoV-2 variants solutions and various lectures on different topics. COVID pandemic might leave one day, but the online mode of study and online learning will stay. The future generation will benefit immensely if a platform where different organizations advertise their upcoming events on a single platform and are marketed well.
As located on the ‘Bionatura’ web page of your journal, this idea is encouraged to report a separate area for adaptation, as a separate section for it to be adopted by different organizations coming together to form a unity platform to avoid the missing of any critical webinar of any organization. Collectively shape a solidarity platform to keep away from missing any vital webinar of any organization. We trust that the broader adoption of this notion will notably contribute to the learner’s education . To merely the activity which is the idea this letter is all about, just like there is a section in the website of the esteemed journal Bionatura «Open-Access Data and Computational Resources to Address COVID-19» if there could be another section or column to address all the upcoming online events—followed by inviting all the major universities across the globe. Each organization that wishes to advertise its event may upload the details manually, reflecting on the website.
This idea is not limited to the Bionatura journal itself; all the viewers reading this letter may reach out to their organization and use this idea to form a website or form a section. Then, reaching out to leading universities to upload their proforma or pamphlet into the portal, this lucid idea may help teachers, researchers, and students immensely. More advertisements will be visible, more options will be available, and the maximum audience will capture more knowledge.
Technology has been the best in this generation and more to grow. The single platform could be handy for each student who uses webinars and online training to the best of their abilities. Many students from across the globe can attend web meetings and e-conferences. The organizers may also benefit not only from the students or researchers but also from professionals to get much more participants.
I want to thank Miss Moulima Das, M.Pharm from NSHM Knowledge Campus – Kolkata, for the technical help during this letter drafting and the encouragement to write this letter.
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Received: 7 June 2021 / Accepted: 25 November 2021 / Published: 15 February 2022
Citation: Saha AA Single Web-Platform for Invitation or Advertisement of Online Courses and Webinars in These Covid Virus Time. Revis Bionatura 2022;7(1). 24. http://dx.doi.org/10.21931/RB/2022.07.01.24

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